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Zero Waste project

Food waste is an enormous burden on the global food system, with a third of all food produced globally going to waste. This has a big impact on resource exploitation and world hunger.


Launched in January 2022, the EU-funded ZeroW (Systemic Innovations Towards a Zero Food Waste Supply Chain) project aims to reduce food loss and waste along the food supply chain, contributing to Green Deal goals of halving food loss and waste by 2030 and reaching near-zero food loss and waste by 2050.


ZeroW adopts a systemic innovation approach, implementing diverse innovation actions across nine real-life food chains, called Systemic Innovation Living Labs (SILLs). The SILLs are spread across Europe and offer different perspectives and strategies (e.g. smart packaging, food banks networks, data-driven production process, ugly food and retail food waste valorisation). The project runs until 2025 and gathers 46 partners from 17 different European countries.


For more information about ZeroW, please visit the project website.


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