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Triple helix

Our approach

CityFood wants to unlock the potential of multi-level food governance - both vertically, bringing together governments at different scales, and horizontally, involving different sectors, departments and stakeholders in food policy development to improve food system transformation in a holistic and integrated way. 

To support local and sub-national governments in their visible transition towards sustainable food systems, CityFood is based on the triple H approach: Healthy People, Healthy Climate, and Healthy Landscape

The CityFood’s Triple H Approach - Healthy People, Healthy Climate, and Healthy Landscape - addresses the complex challenges that the food systems present and provides guidance on how those challenges could be addressed from a city’s perspective and in a systemic and combined way. There is no silver bullet to respond to those challenges. The Triple H approach can be achieved by co-developing and implementing locally relevant and creative solutions with the support of the suggested workstreams defined for each of the components.