Food From Somewhere: Building food security and resilience through territorial markets

Recent shocks – from COVID-19 supply disruptions to 2022’s record food prices – have revealed huge cracks in global industrial food chains, and shattered any remaining illusions about their ability to deliver food security in a crisis-prone world. 


Persistent crises have also underlined the importance of resilient close-to-home ‘territorial’ markets that feed billions of people every day – from public markets and street vendors to cooperatives, from urban agriculture to online direct sales, from food hubs to community kitchens.


Food From Somewhere, a new report from IPES-Food, provides a comprehensive overview of these diverse food webs. It documents their critical contributions to sustaining producer livelihoods, ensuring access to healthy food for the poorest populations, sustaining cultures and communities, and keeping populations fed in the face of shocks. The report urges governments to reinvest in local and regional supply infrastructures, relocalise public purchasing and food security strategies, and curb corporate capture of food systems.

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