Food Systems in Mediterranean Cities: Opportunities for collaboration

food systems in med cities

Under the framework of the Urban Food Agenda and the SFS-MED Platform, FAO is organizing this webinar to present the outcomes of the study and hold a roundtable discussion bringing together municipalities, food systems stakeholders from across the Mediterranean, and international city networks. The webinar will aim to address a key question: how to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among Mediterranean cities to advance sustainable food systems in the region? Participants will have the opportunity to:

i) share their experiences in promoting sustainable food systems in Mediterranean cities;

ii)  identify the added value of facilitating and/or participating in city-to-city cooperation initiatives, as well as needs and expectations for successful peer-to-peer learning;

iii) discuss ways forward to strengthen the collaboration among Mediterranean cities and key partners.


Speakers included:

  • Genci Kojdheli, General Director of Integration, Strategic Projects and Economic Development, Municipality of Tirana (Albania),
  • Adel Bettaieb, Director of Roads, Parks, and Green Spaces, Municipality of Tunis (Tunisia),
  • Luc Lignon, Director of the Food Policy, Municipality of Montpellier (France)
  • Luigi Ranieri, Director of Programme Implementation, Municipality of Bari (Italy)
  • Damiano Petruzzella, Scientific Administrator, CIHEAM Bari
  • Balance Phala, Food Systems Officer, ICLEI
  • Jalila El Ati, Head of Research and Planning Department, National Institute of Nutrition and Food Technology of Tunisia (INNTA)
  • Filippo Gavazzeni, Head of Secretariat, Milan Urban Food Policy Pact

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