#AfricanCITYFOODMonth Photography Competition on Urban Recipes

Winning Submission

Image by Benjamin Nsubuga

This year, the #AfricanCITYFOODMonth platform gave photographers across the continent the opportunity to share the ways in which inhabitants of their cities prepare tasty, affordable, and nutritious meals using locally produced ingredients. Submissions took us on a culinary journey all over Africa, and our final 12 shortlisted entries are show below. 

Alongside a series of three photographs, depicting their recipe from gathering ingredients to the final product, entrants submitted recipes that responded to one or more of the following themes: 

  • Comfortable & Nostalgic
  • Fair & Sustainable
  • Cultural
  • Plant-based
  • Animal-based
  • Under a dollar

Curious to see the winning submissions? Click here for more. 

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