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CityFood: Food for resilient futures

CityFood is a flagship program of ICLEI that aims to accelerate local and regional government action toward sustainable food systems transformation. It spans a number of projects and initiatives across all of ICLEI’s Regional Offices and brings together local and regional governments as well as critical global and regional partners.


ICLEI’s CityFood Program began its journey in 2013 with the establishment of the ICLEI-RUAF CITYFOOD Network. The Network aimed to support the transition toward sustainable and resilient city-region food systems by combining networking with training, policy guidance, and technical expertise for its participants.


With the growing recognition of cities and regions as key drivers of food system transformation and ICLEI’s expanding work in the field, the CITYFOOD Network was revamped into a more comprehensive CityFood Program under the leadership of ICLEI, with a clear mandate: leveraging the power of food for resilient futures.


CityFood provides hands-on guidance and support to local and regional governments throughout the world.Its coordination is led by the ICLEI European Secretariat with the World Secretariat and the Regional ICLEI Offices around the globe that are leading the Program’s Regional Clusters and implementing projects on the ground.


It is becoming increasingly clear that the future of food systems depends on cities.  ICLEI’s CityFood Program is ready for this exciting journey - and we hope you are too!