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Launched in December 2022, AfriFOODlinks is an EU funded project that aims to improve food and nutrition security, while delivering positive outcomes for climate and the environment, and building social and ecological resilience in 65+ Cities in Africa and Europe. Coordinated by ICLEI Africa, the project gathers 35 partners across the African and European continents.


The project aims to improve food security and urban sustainability in African cities by:

1) applying an urban food systems lens to promote shifts to healthy, sustainable diets;

2) transforming urban food environments through real-world socio-technical experiments;

3) promoting inclusive multi-actor governance to empower public officials, small businesses and communities with ownership and agency to shape their food systems;

4) accelerating innovative, women- and youth-led agri-food businesses to support local value addition and inclusive economic participation.


AfriFOODLinks will put a particular emphasis on five African "Hub Cities": Cape Town, Tunis, Kisumu, Mbale and Ouagadougou.


ICLEI Europe


Transforming urban food systems: Unlocking the potential of open innovation in African cities


Co-hosted by EStà and ICLEI Europe as part of AfriFOODlinks project, this session aims to put the spotlight on open innovation and its role in transforming urban...

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AfriFOODlinks celebrates one-year milestone, propelling African cities onto the global food agenda
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Municipal fresh produce markets, where many informal workers earn their living, have the power to tackle climate change.
Local Solutions, Global Impact: Municipal Markets and Climate Action
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How can local communities and governments work together to foster a sustainable future in Africa’s food systems? Luke Metelerkamp explores how municipal fresh...

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